Core Technology

Leading AOI/AI Machine Vision Solution Provider for FPD & Semiconductor Inspection Equipment

Machine Vision is one of key element technology, which could be applicable to most of auto matic inspection tools control is applied to all industry fields.

High Speed / High Resolution Image Process Technology

- High-level image Processing technology is required due to the miniaturization of the test target and the increase in complexity of internal patterns.
Image Process Module ·Image Processing Software
·Inspection Optimization Technology
·Teraflops Grade Processor(GPU Technology)
Optic / Illumination Design ·Design High Resolution Optics
·Revolerless Review Unit Develop
·Design Motorized Optic Module
·Collaborate Laser Illumination Development

Deep Learning Technology

- Market requires Deep Learning Technology with Big Data to get over the existing rule-based AOI S/W's limitation which needs additional operator's inspection.
Deep Learning ·Multi GPU Processing
·Multi Node distribute Training
·Defect Detection
·Defect Generator
Machine Learning ·Feature Extraction
·Data Refinement
·Defect Classification
·Defect Cluster