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Solution A has provide Inspection Tool S/W and its related Camera & Optics Since 2013. We are providing one of leading customized vision inspection system in the industrial area of semiconductor, display, and energy.

In addition, we had started to develop the AI Program for Inspection Applications Since 2015 and successfully delivered to the customer site in 2019 and will be delivered to customers continuously. We are continued to develop our existing vision inspection technologies based on our hands-on experience in the industrial field and also we are about to provide the integrated system including vision inspection system with AI algorithm.

Solution A will strive for become a happy and warm company as a developing partner with customer through keep developing high technology and traning workforce.

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Solution A, Inc.
IncorporatedFeb 19, 2013
BusinessProvide Machine Vision and AI Solutions

Suzhou Branch
IncorporatedJul 1, 2016
BusinessTechnical Support, Maintenance and Sales